Out-of-the-Box Capability of the Unit
(Requires no additional sensors or hardware)

  1. Battery voltage with high and low alarm
  2. Engine running hours with service timer
  3. Inclinometer and artificial horizon
  4. Oil pressure loss warning (from OEM oil pressure switch)
  5. Coolant level alarm (with ss screws as probes)
  6. Ambient temperature (via unused EGT wires)


Full Monitoring Potential of the Unit
(Requires additional hardware purchased separately or as a kit)

  1. Coolant temperature with high and low alarms
  2. Oil temperature with high and low alarms
  3. Oil or Boost or Fuel or Aux pressure with high and low alarms
  4. Exhaust gas temperature with high alarm


Additional Features of the Unit

  • Runs on any voltage from 10 to 30 Volts DC
  • Green backlit display
  • Ability to record all maximum values until reset
  • Voltage reversal and over voltage protection
  • Built in audible alarm
  • Built in Visual alarm
  • External relay output drive to cut the engine or for other uses such as cooling fan control
  • Easy to use menu system
  • The ability to calibrate your own sensors
  • The ability to set the multi gauge to page through your choice of displays at preset intervals or to display one feature only
  • The ability to disable any function/s if they are not required or remain in alarm state.
  • 1 year warranty from date of invoice.


EMS 1 Unit with Inclinometer
Automotive Range
Mining Machine Control Panel
Industrial Range
EMS2 in Ford Ranger
Automotive Range
EMS2 in a Land Rover Defender
Automotive Range
EMS2-Industrial in an Underground Tunnel Mining Machine
Industrial Range
EMS2-Industrial Field Test Kit
Industrial Range
EMS2 for Generator Safety
Industrial Range
EMS2-Industrial in Water Pump Panel
Industrial Range
Comming Soon EMS52
All Applications - 52mm Housing, OLED Screen
Custom Designed Products
All Applications - 52mm Housing, OLED Screen


  Systems to suit private and fleet vehicles such as Street cars, 4x4s, Pick-ups and Trucks in petrol or diesel
  Yellow Metal
Our units can be fitted in all varieties of earth moving machinery, forestry equipment, mining machines in both surface and sub-surface applications.
  Industrial (Plant)
Anything else with an engine such as generators, water pumps, stationary engines of all sizes running on either 12 or 24V DC electrical systems.
Custom Developments
Using the soon-to-be-released UG52 Platform, we are able to customise products to suit the customer's needs - Customised inputs, internal logic, tag names, branding and more.