Basic EMS3 Kit

The unit has 4 channels for pressure or temperature. The default selection f for 2 temperature, 1 boost and one il pressure sensor. You can change this selection to suit…

From R4000.00

Choose any combination of pressure or temperature options, no more than 4.
EMS3 Header Unit

19 in stock

Wiring Harness
The 3m (10ft) harness is for new installations.

29 in stock

Extension Harness
This harness is useful for extending the wiring for rear-engines or very long vehicles of fitting in the roof. Not required for regular installations
Oil, Fuel or Air Pressure
7 Bar (100 Psi)
Boost Pressure
2 Bar (30 Psi)
150 Deg C (300 Deg F) Temperature sensor
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
Mounting Pod
Various options to mount the EMS3 header unit.
Madman EMS3 Sensor Kit


This kit contains only the minimum items for all functions, it contains no adapters.

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